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Monograph Studio, Spring 2018
Ada Tolla & Giuseppe Lignano, Thomas de Monchaux



Comprehensive compromised
Objective subjective
Universal personal
Explains mystifies
Hastens hesitates
Slick slippery
Honest deceptive
Graphic therapeutic
Defensive adaptive

Noir series in this book, as conceptual architectural design, blends a complex narrative with the architecture –the medium of life, merging five emotions that belong to every person to five functionally different buildings. 

The five buildings are a loneliness cult; a fitness center that reflects vain; storage that retains memories; a fashion show space uses desire as a product; a hotel for seeing and be seen, peeping as a living environment. 

Loneliness, vanity, nostalgia, desire, voyeurism are the conditions these space and services respond to.

Each building is augmenting one of these five feelings and I used charcoal as a media to express my narrative, when doing that I unconsciously extracted quality and characteristic of charcoal, of this media, the gradual change of the texture, the darkness of color, the density of charcoal grains. Each building is formed by a certain gradient, the gradient change of circulation, the gradient change of scenery and opacity and viewable range.

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